Officiant Laura's Services

Before Officiant Laura can marry a couple; the following is needed:

  • 2 spouses
  • 2 witnesses  (must be 18+)
  • A valid Ontario Marriage Licence (Guidance on how to get this can be provided)

Different Folks...Different Strokes

Whether you want a quick ceremony

* after having a destination wedding

* after a spiritual ceremony

* to celebrate an existing partnership

* to legalize a civil marriage

*to save money


a ceremony that is either:

*traditional at a venue that is special to you both

*non religious

*themed ( Star Wars, Zombie etc)

*simple and romantic

I will work with you and your unique situation.  In today's world there are so many different ways to celebrate a couple's love...


I offer all couples a free initial consultation.  After that discussion we will both have a better idea what you need.

The cost of my services vary dependent on what you need.  I am not in the "business" of making money off your event, rather just want to cover costs for travel, my time and paying my provincial fees and GST.  Historically, my services range from $100 - $400.

I offer: 

  • Access to Indigo Celebrations Wedding Guide 
  • Legalization of your marriage
  • A customized ceremony created just for you
  • In person, phone, email and skype support to accommodate revisions to the ceremony or planning discussions
  • Attendance at rehearsal *
  • Performance of  the wedding ceremony
  • Administration for arrangements, registration, legal procedures
  • Final copy of ceremony as a keepsake
  • Record of Solemnization Certificate

*Rehearsals:  usually the night before the ceremony and highly recommended.  A wedding rehearsal  allows all involved in the wedding party to run through the process a few times, so things run smoothly and participants are not as nervous.Practicing getting down the aisle in order will make sure you're all on your A-game come wedding day! The other benefit? Rehearsals are followed by rehearsal dinners! This "party before the party" kicks off your wedding weekend and  is also a great time to distribute gifts to your wedding party and your parents if you aren't planning to do so on your wedding day. You'll be in a smaller crowd and a have little more time to hand out and open gifts. While most couples prefer to have a rehearsal, it's not mandatory.



Couples often have a lot of questions and it's understandable.  You need someone to guide you honestly and accurately.  Here are a few things to consider:

*Do you want to have a short/simple ceremony?

*Will you need only officiating services (or assistance with planning?)

*Keep in mind; when researching for an officiant, cheaper is not always better- 

*What will the vibe of your wedding be? Fun, romantic, traditional, serious, have religious elements or be something completely different?